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Our Projects 

The expansion of humans has long been recognized as a primary reason for decreased natural habitat for most all wildlife located on planet earth. This encroachment takes the form of building homes, cities, industrial plants, deforestation, contamination of streams and water ways, as well as attacks from the air by contaminants created through man-made and natural occurrences. The PAWS group works toward improving and increasing habitat where possible.

Lake Habitat Gallery

Wood Duck Habitat Gallery 

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Fish and Bird Habitat Improvement Project

The PAWS Chapter has committed their resources to an on-going effort to improve both fish and osprey (bird of prey) habitat within the Catawba River (Lake Wylie) river system. We are pleased to be joined in these initiatives by Duke Energy and The Lake Wylie Marine Commission. These habitat improvements are being conducted in both North and South Carolina section of the river system. Be sure to click on the photo and view an Osprey on the hunt!

Wood Duck Nesting Improvement Initiative

The Wood Duck is one of the most beautiful and elusive water birds within this region. They are found in back water marshes, small and large river systems, and even in small isolated ponds throughout this area. The PAWS group has been very active in building, placement, and maintaining these critical nesting sites. These birds generally return to their place of birth to once again lay their eggs and raise their young.

WAIT Photo Gallery

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Wildlife and Industry Together (W.A.I.T.)

The PAWS team has partnered with various select industry within our community, and utilizing the North Carolina Wildlife Federation W.A.I.T program, have introduced them to creating or setting aside some small area within their control as a place for wildlife to thrive and exist in conjunction with encroaching development. As you move throughout the region and you see signage which contains the W.A.I.T. logo, you will know that particular industry is a partner in this endeavor.

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