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River Habitat Locations

You are invited to click on the accompanying image of the Lake Wylie/Catawba River System and be immediately directed to Google Maps. You will be able to explore those locations we have currently embedded with underwater fish structures and above ground osprey nesting habitat. The opening page of Google will contain the embedded map plus an index as to each location.

Each underwater site is marked by a river buoy maker while the osprey sites are elevated and are marked with appropriate signage. A word of caution! As with any activity on the river, please approach each of the underwater sites in a safe manner. As for the nesting sites, we ask that you remain a safe distance from the structures. This is for the protection of the birds plus you can get a better view from a distance rather than attempting to look straight up.

If you happen to see anything wrong with these sites, we encourage you to report it to us. The "CONTACTS" tab contains a link which can be used to give us any feedback relative to these sites. On behalf of the PAWS team, enjoy yourself on the river and stay safe.

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