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Hellgate Canyon

Missoula, MT

Ospreys Live Cam

The Hellgate Osprey nest is located at the mouth of the spectacular Hellgate Canyon situated at the edge of Missoula, Montana. This nest is located right outside the Riverside Health Care Center and is next to busy parking lots, a construction site, a busy highway, and a railroad, all of which makes for a most unusual location. It is also an ideal location in many ways, since these Ospreys have riverfront property only about 50 feet from the Clark Fork River. Being so close to people does not bother them, and hundreds of people enjoy watching them every day.

Manton Bay, UK

Ospreys Live Cam

The Manton Bay osprey nest has been in use since 2007. The first breeding pair on it were trans-located male, 08(97), and Rutland-fledged female, 5N(04). 08(97) was one of the first ospreys to be trans-located to Rutland Water, in 1997, and was one of the first to return, in 1999. He finally bred at ten years old with 5N, after several years of holding territory in Manton Bay with no success. He had a succession of female ospreys who showed a passing interest in him and his nest (eight to be exact!), but no breeding ever occurred. Luckily for 08, in 2007 5N appeared and showed more of a definitive interest. 5N was born in Rutland in 2004, and returned for the first time in 2006. She’s a special bird, as she was the first Rutland-fledged osprey to return and breed!

Lake Norman

Mooresville, NC

Ospreys Live Cam

2018 begins the first year of EarthCam and the North Carolina Wildlife Federation (NCWF) bringing you a live streaming bird's-eye-view of an osprey nest located on Lake Norman in Mooresville, North Carolina.  This camera highlights the work of NCWF's local chapter, the Lake Norman Wildlife Conversationists (LNWC).  This nest is located in shallow water surrounding a small wooded island and is one of the seven dozen platforms constructed over the past decade.  The pair of ospreys have 3 viable eggs at this time.


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