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PAW's Community Partners Grant

The North Carolina Wildlife Federation (NCWF) is one of North Carolina’s most effective organizations dedicated to the conservation of wildlife and wildlife habitats. With more than 60 years of experience, NCWF brings together the concerns of every North Carolinian who loves wildlife, wild places and the many ways to enjoy them. Our work is science-based, consensus focused, and dedicated to engaging government, industry and the public to insure the future of North Carolina’s wildlife resources. The mission of the NCWF is to be the leading advocate for all North Carolina wildlife and its habitat. The organizations goals are:

1. To advocate the conservation and enhancement of all wildlife and its habitat.

2. To advocate ethical and biologically sound hunting, fishing, and other outdoor activities.

3. To advocate education, for children and adults, that increases public awareness of wildlife, its dependence on habitat, and the importance of both to human existence.

The Piedmont Area Wildlife Stewards (PAWS) chapter of the NCWF is a Gaston County based organization whose members actively champion these same priorities and initiatives here in Gaston County. In support of that mission, PAWS has established the PAWS Community Partners Grant. This grant is established to provide resources for area schools, scout troops, and other civic organizations to help fund projects that are aligned with the goals and aspirations of the North Carolina Wildlife Federation.

Grant Application (Form link is available at bottom of page)

1. Submit a brief description of the project, including:

2. Brief budget, including how the funds will be used;

3. Other resources currently procured for project, Primary contact including an adult sponsor;

4. Project scope including a description with expected timeline and specifically how this project supports the stated goals of NCWF; and,

5. Plans for sustainability of project.

Grants will be awarded based on availability of funds and approval of the PAWS Community Partners Grant committee. Grant funding is dependent on the applicant’s budget request, not to exceed $500/year.

Once the project has been completed, or on an annual basis for projects that warrant on going funding, a final report is required. The report, along with pictures of the projects, is to detail the effectiveness of the project and its contribution to the community and area wildlife. Grant recipient agrees and understands the nature and results of any sponsored project may be published within the NCWF and PAWS websites. As such any photos submitted become the property of PAWS and will not be compensated for.

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