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Community Interaction

Hunters for the Hungry

The Gaston County Piedmont Area Wildlife Stewards (PAWS) are proud sponsors of and support the efforts of the North Carolina Hunters for the Hungry, Inc. (NCHFTH). We encourage you to click on the associated links which will take you to their website.

The North Carolina Wildlife Federation’s Farmers and Communities Manage Deer Program brings together farmers, sportsmen and community groups in working together to manage sustainable populations of white-tailed deer, reduce deer damage to crops, increase local farm and community revenue and provide hunter-harvested venison to local food banks and shelters.

This program is a collaborative effort which includes the North Carolina Hunters for the Hungry, Inc. with financial support from the NC Tobacco Trust Fund Commission; and the many charitable contributions from individuals just like yourself. Through your support of the PAW’s Group, you too are part of this wonderful and worthwhile cause!

The efforts of both the NCHFTH and the NCWF are making important contributions to both wildlife management as well as efforts in providing supplemental protein nourishment to segments of North Carolina's population. Their goal is to utilize our state's abundant natural resources to help meet these needs.

This program was developed by the NC Wildlife Federation to help sustain and manage white tailed deer, assist farmers and feed the hungry. It is a collaborative effort managed through the NC Hunters for the Hungry; financial support from the NC Tobacco Trust Fund Commission; Meat Processors located throughout the state of North Carolina; the hunters/sportsmen who donate the deer; and concerned individuals like yourself who support the PAW’s organization.

Call (919) 833-1923 or e-mail for more info!

Deer Donation Sites

Locations are updated regularly so check back often for locations in your area and call prior to traveling to any listed site as they do change. You may also clink on the accompanying map to access our PAWS interactive website which includes both meat processors and collection sites. Either way, call before going!

Venison Recipes

Want to try your hand at preparing some tasty venison meals? Click on the attached .pdf file and put your culinary skills to the test.

NCHFTH Processor Sites

Hunter Safety Courses

In order to better educate our young sportsmen, the PAWS Chapter sponsors a Hunter Safety Course. This event is well received within our community and has provided our younger sports enthusiasts with the means to improve their safety skills. We are pleased to partner with the North Carolina Wildlife Resource Commission to provide this event.

Hunter Safety Gallery


Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens

The PAWS team has partnered with the Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens in an effort to further promote the goals of our organization. This partnership includes participating in various events within the Gardens; plus we have been allowed to erect an Osprey Nesting Habitat structure at the back of the Gardens within the river boundaries.

Botanical Gardens Gallery


Gaston Young Guns Shooting

The Gaston PAWS is proud to sponsor each year the Gaston Young Guns Shooting Sports (GYGSS). These fine, talented individuals have proven themselves as being some of the best shooters in this region. For this reason we are honored to support them with the resources needed to achieve their goals.

Young Guns Gallery


Youth Day Event

Part of the PAWS Mission Statement which deals with public awareness is best met through one on one interaction. To this end it is very important to further our cause by getting our youth involved and interested in outdoor activities. We believe this ultimately educates our youth and helps them grow as individuals. The annual Youth Day event is presented by the PAWS group and is a totally free event for kids ages 6 to 16.

 Youth Day Events Gallery


Eagle Scout Nominees

The highlight of a Boy Scout’s journey is attaining the level of Eagle Scout.  It is a long journey and as one moves through the different levels, they learn a lot about life and the world in which they live.

One aspect required in completion of ones Eagle designation is completion of a project which is beneficial to the community and or its citizens; and it requires the applicant to complete a project plan detailing the project undertaken. 

As a continuation of their Mission Statement, the Piedmont Area Wildlife Stewards have been involved with and provide support to Eagle Scout nominees.  We provide ideas and assistance in helping worthy nominees attain their goal.

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